Work as freelancer

At Adriaan Werkt it is also possible to work as a freelancer. However, partly due to (upcoming) changes in government policy, legislation and regulations, it may be more interesting for you to work as a temporary worker.

What suits you best?
The answer may differ per person. As freelancer you in principle have more freedom, but you also have many obligations under (tax) legislation and this is certainly not always the most financially interesting option. We can help you make the right choice. You can always contact us, we happy to help you!
work as freelancer
  • You work for multiple clients
  • Arrange assignments yourself
  • You pay sales tax every quarter
  • Responsible for insurance(s)
  • No holiday pay, no pension accrual
  • No entitlement to sickness or unemployment benefits
work as temporary worker
  • Assignments are arranged
  • Choose when you work
  • Pension accrual and tax arranged
  • Health insurance arranged