Intermediar and educator

With out services for temporary employment and education we specialize in housekeeping, kitchen staff and restaurant service.

Flexible shell
We recruit for you, train and place people on a secondment and temporary basis in your organization. This creates a flexible shell around your operation that translates into a modern view of personnel needs. Our flexibility and risk management provide you with a peace of mind regarding illness, leave, dismissal and remuneration.
Adriaan Educates
The staff we recruit is properly trained by our training branch Adriaan Leert, in collaboration with Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin Noordwijk. As a result, our employees are trained at the highest level.
Risk Management
We manage your risks through a G-account and a high-quality selection process and work according to the NBBU and NEN4400 regulations and guidelines in collaboration with Maqqie for a high standard payroll processing collective labor agreement and identity.